Between 1913 and 1928 there was a narrow-gauge railway according to Wikipedia. But it wasn’t built for passengers, but it was made for transporting goods. But the proposals for a railway system on Iceland began in the early 1900s, with a proposed line between Reykjavík and Selfoss but these were abandoned.

Then it took some years before anyone at all had in their minds of re-introducing a railway system to the saga island. In the 2000s there were new proposals for both a light railway system in the Capital Region and an airport rail link to Keflavík. But nothing seems to happen? Now we are in 2020!

Nordics are one of the worst railway nations in the world

Many think of the Nordic countries as very clean and little polluted countries. In the districts and outside of the towns this is very true. But in tows such as Reykjavik in Iceland and Tromsø in Norway, there are no railway connections at all. Everyone is driving their cars and most of the politicians in these regions just comment on bus solutions as the best solutions for getting people around. But that’s totally wrong!

Both Norway and especially Iceland should care much more about their nature. Especially around their bigger cities and towns. In Gmunden, Austria they have 14500 people that can use their fantastic light rail solution. But most of the politicians in both Iceland and Norway always comments about the sizes of the towns and the needs for light rail systems. But the fact is that all smaller towns deserve a railway system. Do not use a bus system unless you have a much bigger town that can reach light rail station hubs and be a feeder to the main transit system.

Here in Norway and Iceland, it seems like we just all accept all the talk but no action. In Norway, it takes several years before anyone is digging or making new tracks. In the southern parts of Norway, there are many projects but because of the silly politicians nothing is getting done. Like with the Reykjavik to airport discussions on Iceland. In Norway, we had talked about TGV and fast train connections between all of the cities around Oslo. But nothing is done. Ringeriksbanen which is discussed for more than 10 years now is also now officially delayed. Why are the politicians in the Nordic countries ignoring to build railways and light rail systems? It makes no sense as these countries’ economics is one of the strongest in the world. Someone needs to tell these politicians that they need to start to care.

Iceland is Europes most Expensive country

Too unstable nature in Iceland?

When I argue and discuss with lots of Icelanders here and there about them lacking a railway or light rail system. The most answered answer is that the fragile nature in Iceland is too unstable. But then I know how well made the Japanese railway system is.

I am not asking about a railway system on the same scale as in Japan, because that might hurt one or two Icelandic politicians reputation. In Japan they have railways going everywhere and they also have many volcanos everywhere. Yes, even on the northernmost Hokkaido island in the country which has a similar weather type with Iceland and Norway. There they have tons of railway lines. With the highspeed train connecting to the rest of Japan by a tunnel even too. And this country got many earthquakes and natural disasters. Sapporo which is the biggest city on the island also gets lots of snow each year. So Iceland should really focus on getting a railway or a light rail system.

The best for Iceland would be to have a railway that followed the road that goes around the entire island of Iceland. In this way, the tourist buses wouldn’t be needed so much and people would be able to transport themselves around without the need of having a car. Remember also that the trans railway linking Moscow with Vladivostok runs through Siberia with temperatures down to -40C or even colder. So the reasons for Icelandic politicians are wrong and the people should have a transit service that could connect the people in Iceland. Why is this so hard to make on Iceland? You have discussed it,… but nothing is done. You care about your country and nature, yet all of you drive by cars or buses.

Iceland and Norway deserve better politicians that can turn transportation of goods into something green too. Yes. This railway line could transport goods to all of the villages and towns on the island with a huge success. So it would be a win-win for the country. But the country needs politicians that can think green politics. Iceland deserves a Railway. Because it is a beauty and that’s worth preserving.