If you like to go around in the Ruhr area in Germany, Distrita has made a nice review of Ibis hotel in Gelsenkirchen. One of the smaller cities in the area with a small but important tram-metro network. Here is our review of the hotel and how it was to sleep there and its service.

Finding the Ibis Gelsenkirchen Hotel is very Easy

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Finding the hotel is more straightforward than it might look on the map. Once your outside of the Gelsenkirchen Hauptbahnhof (central train station), you just walk thru the food walking street and turn left after a few minutes. You find Ibis Hotel at a corner. The street around the hotel got many rocks on the street. Shouldn’t take you more than 3 minute maximum to walk. Ibis in Gelsenkirchen is really in the city center and the location is great for your base when traveling around in the Ruhr area. Really great and the price for the hotel isn’t too high also.

Service of the hotel staff was really, really nice. They were so friendly to us and had lots of smiles on their faces. Both of those behind the desk and the others that we met said hello and even managed to speak fluently in English. Great!

The Room that I’ve got was on the 2nd floor, but it didn’t matter as I had a small view outside. Actually I could see some busses as the main bus station is built there, but there was no disturbing noise at all. My sweetdream during the night was a pleasant one for sure. The TV was a flat-screen type with lots of tv channels, however the arangements of the channels could have been a bit better. It took long time for me to find an English speaking tv channel, even though I find it funny to watch German tv.


The bed was great to sleep in. It was soft enough and it kept my dreams steady. No irritating quircking sounds from the maddrass during the night etc.


The Bathroom felt clean when I was there. Big mirror and all the most important soaps and shampoos made the refreshment quality quite good. It really felt clean and the service team cleaned up with good result when I was outside traveling. My stay in it felt really comfortable for the price and stars that this hotel got. It was a really pleasant stay.


Trams are located underground in Gelsenkirchen! This means you find them under street level like a Metro or Subway. You can take them to both Essen and even Bochum if you really enjoy tram ride exploring. Or you can take the local train that goes much faster. The choice is yours!

The Location of the hotel and everything related to the stay made me actually love Gelsenkirchen town even more this time. I have been to this hotel once before, but now I really wanted to share my views of the stay. The service staff even sold nice Mövenpick ice cream at the desk. I didnt’t ate breakfast at the hotel, but found myself places around in Gelsenkirchen where I had great breakfast eact time.

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A very nice hotel in Gelsenkirchen. Without the small entertainment issues that I experienced, this hotel is extravagant. It is cheap and you will manage to reach whole Ruhr area from here easily. Also when you are finished exploring og seeing things in the area, it is very easy to get back to the hotel as it is so close the main train station where trains runs all the Night even. Ibis Gelsenkirchen is certain a worth visit and if youre lucky like me, the price can be really affordable. So, if you want to visit Ruhr area then Distrita would recommend Ibis Gelsenkirchen for sure.

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