Super Nintendo (Super Famicom in Japan (SNES)) by Nintendo is one of the most sold and loved consoles ever made. Released in 1990 in Japan and South Korea, this console made it very tough for AtariST and Amiga at the time in Europe for sure. It also competed massively towards SEGA’s consoles at the same time, but Nintendo managed to keep the lead all the way until Sony revealed PlayStation in 1994 and sort of put all of its competitors in shock!

Mario Paint came with a Mouse for Super Nintendo (SNES)

In 1992, Nintendo decided to release Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo system. And with this release, they also delivered the very first mouse for the console. It made it possible to draw and even also make animations in Mario Paint. Creating an art program for a console was a bit dangerous. But this was Nintendo’s way of trying to compete with Deluxe Paint on the Amiga home computers at the time. There is almost no mentioning about it, but Deluxe Paint by Electronic Arts was way ahead of any other painting packages in 1992. And it boosts fantastic and easy to use animation tools that Nintendo didn’t like. Nintendo actually saw that the Amiga home computers by Commodore stole users in Europe, because of the creativity possibilities. Nintendo knew a lot about the European market, which it won regarding the gaming market. But on the creativity side, Amiga was a big choice in 1992! This was also the main reason for Nintendo to delay the Mario Paint to 10th of December 1992.

Together with the Mario Paint package, Nintendo also released a mouse, which they called The Mouse. The paint package is rich, but to get something out you need a VHS connected. There are instructions on how to do it, but for me a paint program without a proper saving function is pretty useless. Unless its for a child that wants to have fun!

Most of Super Nintendo users thought that this mouse could only be used for Mario Paint, but as you can see on the Modern Vintage Gamer video below. There was several Super Nintendo games that actually supported it, which I didn’t knew about neither. Most interesting one is Cannon Fodder, which was the biggest selling Amiga game at the time. Lemmings and also other games did support The Mouse. But with the release of HyperKin Retro Mouse for Nintendo in 2017, which is a optical mouse! Who would think its handy to have. But as you can see below. It is quite handy!

Super Nintendo (SNES) gaming with HyperKin Retro Mouse

HyperKin has released a 3rd party mouse for the Super Nintendo Console. This is a really nice review of the mouse and shows how it looks, feels and even how it connects well or not to the console itself. If you are interested in this mouse for your Super Nintendo console, then have a look at their website.

These are some highlight Features!
* SNES compatible
* Perfect with Mario Paint and other compatible SNES mouse titles
* Iconic retro-style color scheme
* Smooth and responsive cursor control, perfect for drawing, commanding troops, or fragging enemies
* 6 ft. cable

So! If you’ve got $19.99 to spend and love to try a mouse on your Super Nintendo console. Then its worth trying and do support Modern Vintage Gamer! He is fantastic in bringing quality videos about many vintage stuff. So, do subscribe to him!

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