Humans thinks that they are strong. They think that they can win wars, football matches and political wars. But what they don’t focus on is helping each other. We are no better than different ant groups that loves to kill each other. If we as humans could co-operate better, we could achieve fantastic things. Look at everything that humans have built everywhere.

In the Netherlands they have fantastic pumping solutions so the ocean wont flood Amsterdam and the areas around it. Japan is amazing at creating walls against Tsunami now and USA wants to build a huge wall against Mexico… Is that helping anything, when storms like Hurricane Harvey can demolish all modern life in its path of destruction. How about if the whole world had the will and interest in helping areas all over the world that got issues with hurricanes and tropical storms.

Humans could do so much more if We worked Together

My parents, my teachers and those wise people that I’ve met at work and in life all talks about what if we work together or co-operate, then we can achieve amazing things together. No matter religion, football teams or political sides. We should all leave all the hate, all the killings and misunderstandings all over the world and work together so that we as humans can be called humans and not ants turning at each others. We have all two eyes, nose, mouth, necks, shoulders, breasts, bellies, bottoms, vaginas, penises, legs and feets. Then some of us got more hair, while others less. Our skin is also in various colors. Like pigeons, flies, horses, cats or even dogs you know. They also have all different designs on every part. Even kiwi birds on New Zealand are different or any cockroach that you might see. They are also in different sizes like humans.

We should accept each other no matter the cost of how important life is and should be protected in this world. If we do this then we can build the right walls at right places to protect us and save life’s. Now, that is what called love instead of hate. Humans should become humans. We have hands and feets. We have a mind that can do amazing things and we can help each other no matter religious reasons.

Hurricane Harvey

photosource: – Looking at the clouds in Texas. This area needs for attention and people should get the support they need to get back on track for sure

One of the worst Houston-flood in Texas state of USA

This tropical hurricane called Hurricane Harvey, is one of the worst storms in Texas and USA ever. For 3 years ago there was another. So, this city is hit several times by storms like this one. The coast of USA here should get walls that can protect and give much less damage to the region. Instead its all focus on a wall towards Mexico that doesn’t help anything if such storm hits again.

These tropical types of storms will appear every year. Some of them lighter and some even worse. The governments in all countries should be prepared. We as humans can do a lot if we can to protect more than we can today. We can’t save everyone, but we can save a lot more people in catastrophe areas for sure. We should all save lifes and become realistic about how the world works. Yes, you can watch your TV and browse your mobile on a tram. But it won’t change the fact that weather is something that we can’t control. It is the most discussed thing in the world that we can’t do anything about.

So to do something about the places on earth that gets lots of hurricanes would be well spend money. It would give Texas better economy instead of total catastrophy like now. May the all people that needs help, get the help. This is a devastating flood that should be a eye opener for everyone in USA.

Distrita cares for all of the hurricane victims. We really do.


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photosource topic image: NASA