What is the film publishers doing, when they release their movies at a time span for over 11 monts? We at Distrita follows IMDB.com release dates, and the reading makes us wonder about this topic? What is the film industry trying to do? We wonder if the publisher is doing this on purpose? The facts about HUGO releases worldwide says it all. This movie had it’s premiere on 10th of October 2011 in USA. Now I see on my calendar, that we are in January, and Norwegians like me, have to wait until 16th of March to watch it.

That’s almost a half year later,… but the even funnier thing in this case, is that HUGO have premiere in Japan on 3rd of September this year. That means that when the Japaneese people can watch it at the cinema, its already been 11 month since the premiere in USA.

So, Distrita is  asking the film industry? Where do you want to go with this policy? The world is full of people filming at the cinemas or ripping their DVD’s or Bluray’s and put their work on the net so that everyone can download. When the film industry do publishing politics like this, then its like asking for not getting succeed. I am a honest person and I do love to walk to cinema and watch all sorts of movies, but I also know that there are others that doesn’t do this and download their movies instead because they are tired of waiting for the movie to be released in their country. I mean, when the media is full of descriptions and ratings about movies like HUGO, I would feel really bad knowing that HUGO will be showing a year later in my country!

The conclusion to this, is to get film publishers to release their movies in the world at the same time! Then people wont have so many reasons for download movies ilegally. There will always be those which downloads everything, but atleast with worldwide premieres, the film publisher and makers would all in all earn what they deserve to earn. So, hope for the better. Some publishers have learned to do worldwide premieres, but movies like HUGO is good example on that not everyone is following worldwide premiere policy. Maybe something to think about?