In a YouTube video shown to a copy of these animals walking among Londoners. Some got scared, others saw it as a cool stunt and some kids got scared. But it was a gimic that took the citizens in London by different shocks.

A mechanic polar bear in London

The great mechanic “polar bear” took everyone by surprise in the London Underground for its resemblance to a real one. This was part of a campaign to promote the new series “Fortitude” of channel Sky Atlantic. In the YouTube clip, it appears that passengers can not believe their eyes.

Promoting The Fortitude with a Twist

The Fortitude, the new series starring Christopher Eccleston, is set in the Arctic Circle, where a murder occurs.

The creators of this series of 12 hours, marked its launch with this experience enjoyed by pedestrians strolling through the center of London. In the YouTube video shows how this animal of almost two meters was designed.