The nature in our north pole and in our south pole is very different from the places where humans lives. These poles are in harsh cold temps both in summer and winter. In south pole, the Penguins are the main animals that stays there for whole winter and they areContinue Reading

Problems with looking for good musicvideos on YouTube? Tired of the rnb beats on your local radio? FXTV brings you the best from world of music everyday. All of the artists shown on FXTV have agreed to be played on the channel. After 21.00, everyday we also show musicvideos containingContinue Reading

FXmedia have put the latest musicvideo called Leaf in the wind by Purple Scream on YouTube. This is a fantastic song, which you will love more and more. Now you can watch it on FXmedia, and on YouTube. You can also watch the YouTube clip here.