NAV (Norwegian State Work Agency) managers is critical that minority women do not want to take an internship or job in cafeterias serving pork. They also deny working in shops where they sell beer or nursing homes where they must care for men. Some of the minority women’s can’t standContinue Reading

The patent was done by a Swedish immigrant named Gideon Sundback, which is the person behind the type of zipper we see today. Womens, men and children. All have zippers. All sorts of clothes have them. You zip it up and zip it down. The zipper became a normal thingContinue Reading

For care of your image Distrita brings you these little beauty tips. Dark circles are one of the most common problems in women and man, they are caused by stress, fatigue, and also for not having a properly hydrated skin, there are some industrial cosmetic products that help eliminate thisContinue Reading