This article is about the transaction of weather during autumn in Oslo, Norway. The change is quite drastic for nature and even people. Now you need to change to warmer clothes and also prepare yourself for the snow that will stay. You as a human need to adapt yourself toContinue Reading

Norway, Oslo: It is time to write what IOC, the people behind Olympic games actually requires if Oslo should get Winter Olympic games in 2022. It is a massive list, that provides info about that the Olympic games is not for the people anymore. The whole list looks highly demandsContinue Reading

Liechtenstein is one of world’s smallest countries. It sits between Austria and Switzerland in Europe. Also nice to know is that Liechtenstein is the only German speaking country, which doesn’t have borders with Germany. In this short feature article, I am focusing on the Olympics, because what interest me is theContinue Reading

The Winter Olympics is going on smoothly in Russia. People tells me its about 20C there. Amazing :) Here is the updated results of the Top 3 Medal winners!:  Top 3 Winners  Gold  Silver  Bronze 1.  Germany 6 1 0 2.  Canada 4 4 2 3.  Norway 4 3 5  

Russia, Sochi: At first, Sochi’s Fisht Olympic Stadium was meant to resemble a giant snowflake, a symbol of cold weather to balance out the city’s palm trees and beaches for the Winter Games. Now with only 4 months left, there is still lots of work to be done. Preparations for the games, which include upgrading Sochi’s infrastructure and building numerous facilitiesContinue Reading

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We’re in the middle of March, but there are no signs of spring in Norway. The latest days have given even more snow to the southern parts of Norway. It feels nearly like the spring is never coming, and people get depressed of the long winter, but the kids alwaysContinue Reading


Since 1981, the toughest sled dog racers in the world have come here each year to challenge Finnmark, Norway. The race is more than 1000 kilometers and will be arranged in March! Check out the promotion video here. To be arranged for the 33rd time, the racers will not onlyContinue Reading