Windows Blue

After mixed reviews of Windows 8 and lots of criticism, Microsoft continues working hard on their new operativsystem with lots if enhanchments. This will be launched in a package named “Windows Blue”. Yesterday, the first Windows Blue build leaked on the web! Windows blue build 9364 was compiled 10 days agoContinue Reading

sony vaio tap 20

Computers with touch screens are taking the market with storm now, and Sony is next! Their Sony Vaio Tap 20 looks really cool and will be some of the most beautiful Windows 8 products on the market!

Windows 8 have been on sale for few months now, but it haven’t made any boost in the PC sales market. Windows 8 have an oposite effect in fact. On Christmas, the research company NPD gave numbers that makes the PC sales market shake in the negative direction. The PCContinue Reading