Now you can run Linux on your Playstation 4. Previously fail0verflow have shown for Chaos Computer Club (The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is Europe’s largest association of hackers. The CCC is based in Germany and other German-speaking countries) how Linux on a Playstation 4 runs with a USB pen connected.Continue Reading

After the previous beta versions, now Krzysztof ‘deadwood’ Śmiechowicz has released Odyssey 1.25 for AROS/x86. This version is based on the WebKit version 187682 from July 2015 and can play HTML5-videos. The latest version 2.1 of the AROS distribution Icaros Desktop is required. If you like the web browser andContinue Reading

YouTube Error

Until recently. YouTube which is owned by Google, was working just fine for users using other web browsers than Google Chrome and Firefox. Now it seems like Google is throwing out other webkit browsers like OWB for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS. This means that users is forced to useContinue Reading

Odyssey 1.23 of the web browser is in development for AROS. Currently Krzysztof ‘Deadwood’ Śmiechowicz is porting Odyssey developed by Fabien ‘Fab’ Coeurjoly to AROS. Version 1.16 was ported over two years ago but porting the latest version did not succeed due to missing support of certain MUI4-functionality of theContinue Reading