San Marino is one of the smallest countries participating on this years Eurovision. With only 30 000 people, this country is inside Italy. They have been participating in Eurovision many years, with the last 3 years done by Valentina Monetta. Duet replaces Valentina’s struggle With her very first song aboutContinue Reading

The world is full of people which wants to move of things which they can do. One of the most interesting stories on the net, must be two guys train trip via Russia to North Korea, using an officially closed for foreigners route inside the “Hermit Kingdom”. From their blogsite:Continue Reading

It is a difficult life, to be part of one of the 36 anonymous reporters from Conde Nast Traveler magazine that is responsible for making an annual list of the best new hotels in the world, evaluating hundreds of new hotels, plunge into swimming pools, drinking cocktails and view stunningContinue Reading