USB Type-C Authentication

A new USB technology improvement standard is on its way. It is called USB4 and it was announced on the 31st of January 2020. It seems to be part of the existing USB Type-C standard. So, the connector itself will not change. The USB4 architecture is based on the ThunderboltContinue Reading is pleased to announce new items added to our stock inventory from manufacturer, Retro 7-bit. Kickstart Switchers A500Flash Kickstart Switcher 1M for Amiga 500, 500 and 2000. This comes with 1MB of built-in Flash memory and can be used with 1MB and Extended ROMs. Switching between available Kickstart imagesContinue Reading

When amazing sound is required, then great sound speakers is a must to have. Our review of the Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi system gives you an insight to a micro Hi-Fi system that actually delivers. Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi is one of the micro systems that is unique. It gotContinue Reading

Modrobert at EurAsia writes: “MNEMO has developed an USB-GDROM controller for Sega Dreamcast. This is currently designed as a replacement for the GD-ROM drive. A few prototypes have been sold for review already, but this product is still in development pending mass production. Thanks goes to DJMANPS2 for the heads up. ReadContinue Reading

Kingston Debuts DataTraveler HyperX Predator, Offers 1TB On A Single Flash Drive very soon. At CES Kingston revealed this news. First a 512MB pen will be released, but then at the end of first quarter this year. Kingston reveals that 1TB will be available. Amazing! Source:

TOKYO — NEC Corp has launched the world’s first device to simultaneously acquire fingerprint and finger vein characteristics without physical contact. Worldwide shipment of the “HS100-10 Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner” (HS100-10) is scheduled to begin in May.