If you ever wondered about if classic Amiga had graphic cards made for them, then Distrita’s Amiga Graphic Card Guide will shock you. Our guide presents all of Amiga graphic cards released since 1990 for Zorro II, Zorro III and Various PCI expansion slots. You also get to know ifContinue Reading

On April 13th at 09.00 in the morning, the very first tram went on its first public trip in Dallas, Texas. A city which is quite hot during the summer months. Now people can take a totally new air-condition equipped tram in Dallas. Construction began in May 2013 and costContinue Reading

On Stefan’s Computer Collection Vienna website, you can get to know the Amiga 1000 VELVET. This special Amiga 1000 version was made 6 months before the official presentation of the Amiga by Commodore at Lincoln Center in 1985. The special thing about Amiga 1000 VELVET is that it had onlyContinue Reading

There is a totally New video on YouTube, featuring track layout and a 3D test drive for worlds tallest roller coaster which will open at Skyplex park in Orlando city, which is in Florida, USA. This construction will be world’s tallest roller coaster they say, but 2017 is 3 moreContinue Reading

Poverty in the United States concerns the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In a report on the U.S. economy, which was presented in Washington DC Wednesday, calling for more IMF policy initiatives to reduce poverty. Barrack Obama have not be able to reduce U.S’s poor children statistics. The percentage of AmericansContinue Reading

Is Hawaii really part of the U.S.? A law professor in Honolulu has revived an old debate. Now growing demands for independence is getting stronger. No treaty? Hawaii’s independence? U.S. state since 1959? And part of the U.S. since 1898? According to the history books it says so. But toContinue Reading

In USA, or better United States of America. They like to play Football, but Football there is not the same as Football in Europe. American Football is sort of violent game but with lots of players having full protection. American Football is also almost impossible to understand. I have beenContinue Reading

The overall TV experience in USA and Europe is quite different. Especially in those countries in Europe where you have national TV and more strict rules for showing commercials on TV. In USA you have PBS as I understand, but when I have been visiting, only the news from ITNContinue Reading