March will bring a total solar eclipse, visible in parts of the US and Europe, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA on Wednesday in a video posted on Twitter reported. Amateur astronomers and experts on travel to the Faroe Islands, Denmark (a small archipelago in the North Atlantic between Scotland, NorwayContinue Reading

A man from the State of Utah found a burger that he had bought… 14 years ago! The oddest thing is that the meat was almost in perfect state of conservation. David Whipple acquired hamburger at a restaurant in Logan on July 7, 1999, as Bill Clinton President of theContinue Reading

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States on Tuesday approved the certification of Boeing plan to redesign the battery system for the 787 Dreamliner and greenlit a series of test flights before the aircraft can resume business travel. The agency said 787 allowed two test flights conducted to probeContinue Reading