Big theme park

If a Wisconsin Dells resort and the Shopping center of America had an infant, it may look something like what’s being proposed in Albertville, Minn. Big theme park in Albertville, USA A Minnesota advancement group and Sony Pictures Consumer Products are teaming up to develop a Hollywood-themed household location thatContinue Reading

Associated Press have just announced that the legendary king of pop Prince has passed away at age of 57. It seems to be a trend that legends of pop passes away early with Michael Jackson as the most known one in the recent years. All love goes to his family,Continue Reading

In USA, or better United States of America. They like to play Football, but Football there is not the same as Football in Europe. American Football is sort of violent game but with lots of players having full protection. American Football is also almost impossible to understand. I have beenContinue Reading

The newcomer makes Sony’s best console start sale ever in United States of America. Playstation 4 have sold 500 000 more consoles than Playstation 2 when it was released in North America. Amazing! Source:  

Windows 8 have been on sale for few months now, but it haven’t made any boost in the PC sales market. Windows 8 have an oposite effect in fact. On Christmas, the research company NPD gave numbers that makes the PC sales market shake in the negative direction. The PCContinue Reading