The media have been on this case for a long time. Distrita haven’t put this news on-line until now because we wanted to wait and get more accurate news. It is still quite unstable from both CNN, BBC and TV2 Newschannel on TV what happened. One thing for sure isContinue Reading

Distrita wants to congratulate the winner of the Norwegian movie “Twin Sisters” that won “Golden Nymph Award”, the film maker Mona Friis Bertheussen recieved its prize this Wednesday night! The documentary is the story of two newborn babies being found in a small cardboard box in a Chinese village. TheyContinue Reading

They make people confused. Canal Digital aims at getting lots of sympati. TV2 on the other hand have managed to deliver their message. Both argues about distribution and money. This have lead to that Canal Digital Cable-TV customers in Norway only have the main TV2 channel. All of the otherContinue Reading

NRK, which is Norway’s national broadcaster (like BBC in UK) owns the Christmas. All of the private TV-channels with commercials have no chance against NRK which provides tradition tv-watching for thousands of Norwegians on 24th of December. This happens every year, and is bounded since NRK had monopoly on theContinue Reading