What is all this chit-chat about “slaves”? Surely, the centuries have gone where people could purchase and harbour slaves in order to do their bidding… To clear it all up, let us take a look at societies and explain what it takes to be a slave in a modern context. Well, youContinue Reading

This classic machine from 1992, have magic wings. Individual Computeres released Indivision AGAmk2 with DVI connector. This means that if you still got an Amiga 1200, you are now able to show up to 1280×720 which is quite amazing for a machine from 1992. The only negative side of IndivisionContinue Reading

The media have been on this case for a long time. Distrita haven’t put this news on-line until now because we wanted to wait and get more accurate news. It is still quite unstable from both CNN, BBC and TV2 Newschannel on TV what happened. One thing for sure isContinue Reading

Sweden, Media: Now you no longer have to pay a TV license for computer, tablet or mobile phone, says the Supreme Administrative Court in a judgment today. Since tablets and mobile phones cant be seen as TV receivers, the court in Sweden have decided that the fee for other devicesContinue Reading