Kingdom of the little people

A park that features comic performances by people with dwarfism! Welcome to The Kingdom of the Little People. Today we gonna bring you to one of the world’s weirdest parks. The little people in Yunnan China has been accused of making light of dwarfism. The park is almost entirely staffedContinue Reading

pyramids of Egypt

Visit the relics of Egypt’s Old Kingdom – the monumental tombs and the world famous Giza Pyramids! The last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World standing! They were built to endure an eternity – and they still stand rock solid, 4500 years later!

mathallen oslo vulkan

Mathallen Oslo is one of my favorite gastro places to hang out. Located along the beautiful river Akerselva, this food hall offers all the chocolates, cheese, sausages, fish, meats, and vegetables from small-scale vendors your heart could ever desire…

Many of the low fare flight companies in Europe struggle. But now we got some really interesting news about the Irish flight company Ryan Air. It is a flight company that is known for its white, yellow striped and blue airplanes that got one of Europe’s lowest flight prices. NowContinue Reading