One of the better transport construction games is Transport Fever by Urban Games. The developing team is from Switzerland that has actually released a very good transport tycoon alike game with proper 3D graphics. Now, Transport Fever has got a Performance Patch which also includes newly added gameplay features. VideoContinue Reading

Urban Games is releasing yet another game title which they have been promoting a lot for the last days. The new title is Transport Fever, but from screenshots and info on their website. This game is clearly Train Fever 2.0! It is supposed to have better engine and they haveContinue Reading

Do you like to control the city? Do you want to be a master’s in transportation? Paradox Interactive has released Cities In Motion 2 and Distrita reviews this game for you. Have you ever played Transport Tycoon Deluxe? A similar game, which lets you build trains, busses, and trucks toContinue Reading

If you goto Lyon, the second biggest city in France. You can take the train-tram to the town which got a top speed of 100km/h. Which is pretty good for a tram. The tram line shares also some track with T3 tram line and you can change to the metroContinue Reading