Norway in a nutshell is Unfriendly

Be aware of the “Norway in a nutshell” experience. This is meant to be a great touristic event for Japanese, Chinese, Americans, Russians, and others interesting in seeing all of the wonderful nature that Norway has to offer. The train trip and the boat trip guiding you thru the NorwegianContinue Reading

Japan, Tokyo: A 13-year-old boy has been killed after being hit by a train at a railway crossing in Tokyo. The boy was cycling when he reached the crossing in Ome, at which point he dismounted and left his bike in the street nearby. Then he walked onto the tracksContinue Reading

Wuppertal train journey

Wuppertal, Germany: The germans have always been ahead in the development of technologies, so also in transport. This railway we want to show you today is actually only a 13.3 km long tram tour, and is located in the German city of Wuppertal, near the border of France. Wuppertal hasContinue Reading

Ticket Machines

At their best, ticket machines will sell you the ticket you need and help you avoid ticket-office queues when you’re late for a train, writes WhichWebsite. We agree. Even in Norway, the ticket machines are not very easy to use. There are many steps. And not easy to catch aContinue Reading

Goden Chariot

The Golden Chariot is a luxury train appointed with the finest facilities that takes you on a journey truly unique and memorable.

Train wrecks

In the wake of the deadly Badrashin train crash Monday, which left 19 people dead and 117 injured, a Transportation Ministry report shows the country has experienced an average 550 train wrecks per year, including both serious and minor ones. The report, compiled by the ministry’s Transportation Safety Unit, saidContinue Reading