The small island country in Asia beside China which is as big as Norway, but doubletwice as many people got a positive record in January. Japan recorded highest number of tourists ever in January. The Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) said this on Wednesday. According to the JNTO, 1,218,400 foreignContinue Reading

Norway in a nutshell is Unfriendly

Be aware of the “Norway in a nutshell” experience. This is meant to be a great touristic event for Japanese, Chinese, Americans, Russians, and others interesting in seeing all of the wonderful nature that Norway has to offer. The train trip and the boat trip guiding you thru the NorwegianContinue Reading

News from Norwegian Media: North Korea has detained a U.S. citizen tour group when the man was in was leaving the country in mid-May. Three foreigners are now been detained in the country, according to the Japanese news agency Kyodo. The man was with a tour group, and he wasContinue Reading


Do you have some extra time to spend on Oslo’s main airport, Gardermoen? Then you have time to visit Rakni’s Mound, or Raknehaugen in Norwegian. This is the largest free-standing prehistoric monument in Norway. It dates to the Migration Age and has been the subject of three archaeological investigations. 77Continue Reading

Mexico, Caribbean: Some of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations are set to get a major facelift with a new beautification program designed to boost the image of the country’s Caribbean resorts. Quintana Roo Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo announced in a Saturday press release that his government would spend 106 millionContinue Reading

  Brazil Carnival begins forty days before Lent and is a secular celebration that welcomes religious deprivation. It is a tradition that finds its first origin in ancient Rome, where the Carnival were given in order to welcome the spring These Roman traditions survived and became famous Renaissance European culture.Continue Reading