Today, we at Distrita wants to introduce you to Salty Dog. A Japanese group with a Norwegian singer. So, here is our special interview with Inger, the brilliant singer in Salty Dog. Here you get to know how she became part of the group and how she got to knowContinue Reading

Dole has invented a special banana for the marathoners, the Wearable Banana! This device can measure the runners’ heart rate, lap time and display the figures onto a real banana. You can even cheer the marathoners through social media! Weird Banana invention! Yeah, it’s crazy! You can check your LapContinue Reading

Japan, Tokyo: A 13-year-old boy has been killed after being hit by a train at a railway crossing in Tokyo. The boy was cycling when he reached the crossing in Ome, at which point he dismounted and left his bike in the street nearby. Then he walked onto the tracksContinue Reading

TOKYO: Japan Today reveals that the death toll from traffic accidents in Tokyo in 2012 was 183, the lowest figure since the end of World War II. The highest figure was 1,179 deaths in 1960. This is quite low numbers for a country with over 126 million citizens. Source:

Latest News is that the Tokyo metropolitan government have decided to check the food in Tokyo for radioactivity. The tragic tsunami this fall made thousands of Japaneese people homeless and exposed for radioactivity. Distrita follows this news close. Source: