There are always certain games that really have gone beyond others in gameplay and graphics. Trine 3 takes this to new heights as seen in this newly uploaded video by IGN. Trine 2 game have already got quite nice critics and I love it on my NVIDIA Shield Tablet. LookContinue Reading

Alright guys! Sorry if I haven’t been posting lately since I was busy with many little things . What caught my eye today is that I would like to introduce to you… The HP Stream 7. This little tablet PC is not just a tablet PC you could buy anywhere.Continue Reading

You know Samsung, LG and Sony as the biggest Android supporters out there. They have made lots of tablets, but Nvidia isn´t known for their tablets but for their graphic cards for desktop computers and laptops. At a price of 2499,- NOK (Norwegian currency) and its specifications. Nvidia got somethingContinue Reading

Asus Pad

Asus is ready with their Padfone 2, presented at the Mobile World Congress 2013. The Asus Padfone 2 wants to simplify the smartphone or tablet or conundrum, giving you both sides of the equation, locked into symbiotic coexistence. It gives you the benefit of both worlds: the big screen whenContinue Reading

Samsung announced Monday that its Galaxy S phone IV will be presented on March 14 at an event in New York City.   The launch appears as the last offensive of Samsung in the race for leadership of the mobile phone market. And is that the Galaxy S has establishedContinue Reading

LG Optimus Pro G

It will be bigger than Samsung Galaxy Note 2. LG has decided to compete with the biggest mobile phone ever! And it is not very strange that LG wants to check out the big phone market. Samsung has already got huge success with their two Note phones, especially for theContinue Reading