Review, Jolla mobile with Sailfish OS: A New Beginning it is! A new company called Jolla, a new mobile called Jolla mobile and a new mobile operating system called Sailfish OS. It’s all new, but how does everything work? Distrita finds out. The company Jolla: In May 2013 I calledContinue Reading

Many news sites writes about that Symbian is gone. OSNews states “The end of the line for Symbian” even. Distrita however, have a support page for Nokia users. Goto our section, and get atleast the most important software, which actually makes your Symbian phone a better phone.

If you still own Nokia N95! Then don’t go away. Distrita is here to help you. Our mobilepedia site gives you the 5 most essential apps to download.


If your phone doesn’t support Skype, you can try one of the IM Plus talk clients. You can download this Java-based program here Perfect for Symbian and Blackberry users! Benefits: Great chat client. Stay in touch with Skype contacts Call and communicate with anyone at a low cost Get ridContinue Reading

Now as Android is rising and Bada from Samsung is shining. Symbian phone Nokia E90 with its superb qwerty keyboard has given its last breath you might think? Well,… We do not agree! Distrita has been using this incredible Symbian phone since 2007 and has to tell the truth. NokiaContinue Reading