On the 15th of December, the TPG extended its tram network to Annemasse with the new tram line 17. With this update, this line crosses the border between Switzerland and France. Finally! A nice example of very nice relations between the two countries. Basel is another city in the northContinue Reading


Transport Fever is the transport tycoon alike game, that Distrita gave not so great score. The game is great for passient players, but for others it lacks performance. So it is nice to see that Urban Games have focused on giving the game better performance. From their announcement on FacebookContinue Reading

Today a regular TV channel’s popularity is declining rapidly everywhere, but before the tv companies made the tv channels to something special. TV channels had once identity and tried to stand up for what they are meant to be. But today it seems like everyone just wants to copy theContinue Reading

The new game called Train Fever, which is a transport building game, have got Best Strategy Game price at the German Developer Award 2014. The game is developed by Urban Games, which is a young, dynamic, highly motivated and talented team located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Team members feature deep knowledgeContinue Reading

Iceland, Europe: A person from Switzerland is a man touring Europe on a tractor, has arrived in Iceland for the next part of his journey. He has spent the past 10 weeks driving across Germany and Denmark, and his journey will take him through the UK, Belgium and France beforeContinue Reading

Liechtenstein is one of world’s smallest countries. It sits between Austria and Switzerland in Europe. Also nice to know is that Liechtenstein is the only German speaking country, which doesn’t have borders with Germany. In this short feature article, I am focusing on the Olympics, because what interest me is theContinue Reading