You might not think of Poland as a warm country, but during the summer months from May to September the temperatures can reach 35C. But normal temps stays around 25C to 30C. Some summers are hotter than others, while rest of the year, the temperatures are quite mild in thisContinue Reading

You have heard of Canary Islands, Bali and Hawaii. But, did you know that Poland got one of Europe’s cleanest beaches? Distrita takes you to Swinoujscie, a touristic city all year with focus in summertime. Why go to Swinoujscie? The city got around 30 000 people living there. It isContinue Reading

This summer, Distrita visited the border between Poland and Germany on the Uznam island. While 95% of Uznam island is on the German side, the last 5% is Polish, where also the biggest city on Uznam is. Swinoujscie became Polish after World War II. [layerslider id=”1″] The border have beenContinue Reading

From us, the creators of, you find on-line. Here you find all the latest news and reviews from Swinoujscie, a small Polish town near the baltic sea and German border. The town got cheap food, cheap shopping and an excellent beach during summertime. Swinoujscie is on one ofContinue Reading