This article is about the transaction of weather during autumn in Oslo, Norway. The change is quite drastic for nature and even people. Now you need to change to warmer clothes and also prepare yourself for the snow that will stay. You as a human need to adapt yourself toContinue Reading

Liechtenstein is one of world’s smallest countries. It sits between Austria and Switzerland in Europe. Also nice to know is that Liechtenstein is the only German speaking country, which doesn’t have borders with Germany. In this short feature article, I am focusing on the Olympics, because what interest me is theContinue Reading

Norway, Oslo: After a very nice summer, the autumn is really here. With leafs yellow and the dark shadows of the sun with ice crystals on the grass. Its time to get used to wear thicker jackets and jeans until May next year. Oslo have quite nice winters, but theContinue Reading

hair treatment with avocado Now with the sun, the water from the beach or the pool, our hair is punished much. To try to mitigate these excesses can apply on hair homemade avocado mask, that will return the lost luster. To prepare the mask we mix these ingredients:   AContinue Reading


NBC has picked up a brand new drama series for broadcast in Summer 2013. It is named “Camp” and will go on for 13 episodes. It is not the first time NBC is trying to broadcast summer drama, but with varied success until now. Let’s give them a new chance!Continue Reading

Tropical Berlin

If you live in a cold country, you probably go around and dream of sea and sun all the winter, and it could be expensive to find charter trips to exotic destinations like Mexico, Brazil and Thailand… But there is one option… It’s almost too good to be true!