Any plans for the weekend? If you plan going to the cinema, we have a recommendation for you. «22 Jump Street» was a smash hit in the United States cashing in 60 million dollars already in the premiere weekend. It’s a fantastic number, only knocked by Hangover 2, according toContinue Reading

Making Money

According to the Norwegian newspaper, DN, 2013 should be a fantastic year to invest in the stock market. Last year we were adviced to invest in Norwegian and we did. And it was a great advice! Less than one year afterwards, we have doubled the amount we invested. Here weContinue Reading


NBC has picked up a brand new drama series for broadcast in Summer 2013. It is named “Camp” and will go on for 13 episodes. It is not the first time NBC is trying to broadcast summer drama, but with varied success until now. Let’s give them a new chance!Continue Reading