This article is about the transaction of weather during autumn in Oslo, Norway. The change is quite drastic for nature and even people. Now you need to change to warmer clothes and also prepare yourself for the snow that will stay. You as a human need to adapt yourself toContinue Reading

Snow prediction in Oslo

People love to talk about weather and temperatures in most part of the world. All ages likes to talk about it, and so do weather forecast websites.  On Accuweather website, they have included Monthly weather forecast for their forecasts since this spring. It is really interesting to see that theyContinue Reading

The small island country in Asia beside China which is as big as Norway, but doubletwice as many people got a positive record in January. Japan recorded highest number of tourists ever in January. The Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) said this on Wednesday. According to the JNTO, 1,218,400 foreignContinue Reading

Children and parents get ready to slide down a 100-meter slope on Sunday at the 47th Iwate Snow Festival. This attraction is part of many attractions in addition to the 11 snow and ice sculptures on display. Lunch and dinner are available in igloos known as “kamakura.” The festival, whichContinue Reading

Winter Sports

We’re in the middle of March, but there are no signs of spring in Norway. The latest days have given even more snow to the southern parts of Norway. It feels nearly like the spring is never coming, and people get depressed of the long winter, but the kids alwaysContinue Reading

Usually, in March, the middle temperature on Mallorca should be around 15C. But the worst snowstorm on Mallorca in many years caused problems in Barcelona, has now reached Mallorca. A very known Spanish touristic island during the summer. So, if you are heading towards to Mallorca for vacation, then takeContinue Reading