Strawberry bread

The recipe for this fruit-swirled quick bread is typical Mexican, but we wanted to share it with all the world! We love this Strawberry Bread!  It is delicious! It’s the perfect dessert, snack, even breakfast!  Since it uses frozen strawberries, you can have this taste of summer year-round! Ingredients forContinue Reading

Here in Scandinavia we love chocolate. You can be sure to meet chocolate bars in the stores here. In Norway, Sweden and Denmark we love it more than anything. Chocolate here is about to have a good time, even the dark times are here. It gives the life back somehow.Continue Reading

Don’t try to sell any meat with Whale in it in EU. German customs officials have seized whale meat snacks on sale at a Norwegian stall during a trade fair organised to celebrate trends in food, gardening and agriculture. Arne Andres Rod, the stall’s supervisor, claimed he was surprised to learnContinue Reading