Crafti Minecraft Dreamcast - Photo: The Dreamcast Junkyard

The people at The Dreamcast Junkyard, released a nice article about Crafti which is a superb Minecraft Clone for Dreamcast. This means you can walk around and build different kinds of blocks everywhere you go on your favourite Dreamcast console! Get it Now ant Test it for Yourself At DCemulationContinue Reading

Before the popular Dreamcast console was released, Sega had a console named Sega Saturn. It was supposed to compete with Playstation, but failed a lot because if its difficult hardware to code for. Now, just 20 years after its release. Dr Abrasive’s lab writes about that finally they’ve managed toContinue Reading

On Saturday 30th of January, the Distrita team went to Retro Gathering in Växhuset, Västerås in Sweden. This is a event that is held 2 times every year and it attracts Norwegians also to this event which is interested in buying retro consoles and retro computers. Extra for usergroup membersContinue Reading

Modrobert at EurAsia writes: “MNEMO has developed an USB-GDROM controller for Sega Dreamcast. This is currently designed as a replacement for the GD-ROM drive. A few prototypes have been sold for review already, but this product is still in development pending mass production. Thanks goes to DJMANPS2 for the heads up. ReadContinue Reading

Just want to welcome you to Distrita passion for SEGA’s Dreamcast console. We have written little about it before, but now it will be more of Dreamcast related news and interesting articles. Dreamcast was the first 128-bit console which brought lots of quality games like Sonic, Soul Calibur, Shenmue, CrazyContinue Reading

A new game called The Ghost Blade, from Caravan Shooting Game for Dreamcast (made by SEGA) will be released during 2013. It is developed by Hucastgames. The game focus is joy and entertainment like any other shoot’em ups. Dreamcast have a huge fanbase and it seems it wont die soContinue Reading