There are many visions of Oslo. A small capital sitting up-north in a country called Norway, which is part of Scandinavia in Europe. There are artists that have visions of Oslo town itself. Unreal Oslo is such project and this is what Distrita got from Sahak Sahakian about his project.Continue Reading

For 103 days. Several people have been locked in a house together. They have eaten, slept, had sex and even had lots of fights. But in the end Anders have won Big Brother 2014. This year they put Norwegians and Swedish people into the very same house with totally differentContinue Reading

In the world we have eyes which is brown, green or blue. We see other and we all put our effort in thinking that the other one is in right or wrong clothes. From now on Distrita starts to write about different fashions and styles. What is the right FashionContinue Reading

People loves chocolate. Yes we do. We like it milky, dark or white (which isn´t chocolate!). We also love chocolate drinks, especially here in Scandinavia. Cocio, is the largest producers in Scandinavia and they make tasty chocolate drinks, but also Tine and Q-Meieriene here in Norway make nice chocolate drinks. They sellContinue Reading

Norway, Media: In 1988, TV3 was the first commercial Scandinavian tv-channel available for Norwegians. Before first day of broadcast for TV3 in Norway, NRK (national tv broadcaster) had monopoly in Norway. TV3 started 19.00 (9 pM) and ended around Midnight local time. The channel aimed at showing great entertainment, butContinue Reading

taken by Michal Bergseth

Oslo, Norway: Scandinavia is a bit strange place. Especially if you reach above Gothenburg. The nights in summer is always light. In Oslo midnight looks like this. Same in Stockholm and Helsinki, but if you further north. In the Norwegian city Trondheim, the sunlight is even stronger… and when youContinue Reading

The overall TV experience in USA and Europe is quite different. Especially in those countries in Europe where you have national TV and more strict rules for showing commercials on TV. In USA you have PBS as I understand, but when I have been visiting, only the news from ITNContinue Reading

Winter Sports

We’re in the middle of March, but there are no signs of spring in Norway. The latest days have given even more snow to the southern parts of Norway. It feels nearly like the spring is never coming, and people get depressed of the long winter, but the kids alwaysContinue Reading


The Spanish low-fare airline Vueling wants to compete in the Nordic market. Vueling is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe. It offers a wide range of cheap flights among main European cities, and now they want to get their piece of the Scandinavian market as well. They beginContinue Reading