Vegetarian Salmon with vegetables, a healthy dinner

We are proud to give you the recipe of Vegetarian Salmon with vegetables, a healthy dinner the entire family will love! Salmon is mainly characterized by being one of the richest fish in omega 3, and by becoming one of the healthiest blue fish in our heart (we gonna giveContinue Reading

Ingredients For Sauce: 1 necessary amount water 2 cups green tomato 1/2 onion 2 serrano chiles 1 Clove garlic 1 cup cream 1 pinch salt 1 pinch pepper For Enchiladas: 12 corn tortillas 1/2 chicken breast 1 oil amount needed 1 cup grated manchego cheese How to prepare: Boil someContinue Reading

To learn to care for your feet by yourself and you can look at any time, without spending a lot of money, we teach you how to make a home pedicure! You will see that it is super easy! This is what you need: 2 mint tea bags 1/2 lemonContinue Reading