Ryanair new airplanes

The price is right, obviously for Europe’s cheapest airline. Ryanair has just signed an agreement with American Boeing worth almost 14 billion euros! It’s the single biggest aircraft purchase ever agreed by Ryanair. It’s also one of the biggest orders ever placed with Seattle-based manufacturer Boeing. The order will beContinue Reading

Airports and Ryanair

The European Commission today banned the Irish airline Ryanair to buy national competitor Aer Lingus, because business would prevent free competition in 46 connections to and from Ireland, was announced in Brussels after several months of operation analysis. Ryanair tried unsuccessfully to overcome objections to a number of concessions. TheContinue Reading

London Shopping

A new year means SALE everywhere. The sale in January means low prices and bargains on almost everything. Europe’s Shopping Mecka number one is of course London, but it’s an expensive city. We want to help you to get a cheap trip!  


EUROPE: Distrita can report that Ryanair will launch itself on two new Greek airports, Kalamata and Zakynthos this year. They will deliver over 30,000 passengers and give  30 “on-site” jobs* at Kalamata and Zakynthos airports, with 4 weekly flights from April. Source: Ryanair.com

Where to go to Pescara, the biggest city in Abruzzo, which is most famous for its many seaside resorts is one of our questions that we get a lot. Pescara is a charming, lively, pastel-hued city on the Adriatic Coast. Where is Pescara? Location Pescara Quick Facts Pescara is theContinue Reading