The public transportation company called Ruter is increasing some of its Transit prices in Oslo, Norway. Now its more expensive to travel the green way in Norway. Seems like the politicians wants Norway to be a healthy country, but the bigger towns suffer from bad transit regulations. Here is theContinue Reading

Today Oslo saw opening of Løren station, which you can read more about here. However, today the last restored section of Line 3 to Mortensrud in Oslo, Norway also opened. So from today you can take the Metro Line 3 in Oslo from Mortensrud to Kolsås. But thats not all!Continue Reading

Ruter, the company of the metro, tram and bus network in Oslo, Norway opened Løren station at 15.08 today! This station now connects Vestli people in the far east of Oslo, together with Nydalen. It also gives people which likes to watch soccer at Ullevål Stadion, a much faster wayContinue Reading