We continue our Amazing Bridge series in Spain. Vizcaya Bridge is the name of the bridge which is made out of steel, but have wires that moves a platform from a side to the other side for cars and pedestrians. The Vizcaya Bridge, is a transporter bridge that links theContinue Reading

They can also be fun for travelers. Nature and wildlife – diversity and dominance of flora and fauna. Culture – depth, diversity and accessibility of local culture tribal villages / medieval , etc. Aventura – excitement factor of topography and river location . Possibility of activities – rafting, wildlife watchingContinue Reading

They are small, slightly larger and thicker than a cat, medium-length hair and silvery gray, darker on the back center, hair almost white limbs, long tail and ringed (silver gray with white or off-white) , and a characteristic black spot of hair that goes from each cheek to each eye,Continue Reading