Sygno Music in Brazil is a store, which have started to sell different Amiga extensions in South America. They are a new Amiga dealer to shop, giving a better Amiga service in the region. The interesting news is that this store is a physical store, which means that you can seeContinue Reading

Are you ready for some spectacular views? Or we can’t say it enough: STUNNING views! This is something absolutely fantastic! We invite you to take the funicular from Morro da Urca to Pao de Azucar (“Sugar Loaf”) in Rio De Janeiro! It’s a beautiful ride, and I’m sure you willContinue Reading

  Brazil Carnival begins forty days before Lent and is a secular celebration that welcomes religious deprivation. It is a tradition that finds its first origin in ancient Rome, where the Carnival were given in order to welcome the spring These Roman traditions survived and became famous Renaissance European culture.Continue Reading