I remember when I first heard Soens debut back in 2012, and they impressed me with well-constructed songs and a talented vocalist. Ok, it was like hearing a modern Tool, but the swedes still had some unique individuality to their sound, and released an album packed with high-quality songs. FromContinue Reading

When amazing sound is required, then great sound speakers is a must to have. Our review of the Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi system gives you an insight to a micro Hi-Fi system that actually delivers. Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi is one of the micro systems that is unique. It gotContinue Reading

On Wednesdays and Sundays Distrita will give you Retro reviews of old games. These games made us laugh or play for so long that our thumbs went red. Pipe Mania is such a game and here is our review. Build the Pipes This game came out as early as 1989.Continue Reading

Distrita is progressing and we really have to thank all Americans, which love our site. The numbers is really striking compared to China, Germany and even Norway where the main Distrita team sits. Thanks to all of you supporting and visiting our site and we really appreciate that you loveContinue Reading