We got an announcement that Germany will upgrade their railway network. Meanwhile here in Norway. Nothing is done! Well. Something is going here but it doesn’t seem as if the Norwegian government wants Norway to be a real country that cares about the environment. The upgrade in Germany will costContinue Reading

You might know what a locomotive is? Well, here I found someone that have made a solar powered railway trolley. It just looks very interesting as it would be very efficient to be able to take solar powered trains or even trams in the future? Here is the crazy butContinue Reading

If you want to come to Norway. Then you should visit Flåmbanen which runs from Myrdal to Flåm. Its a spectacular railway which goes from 800m above sea level to the Flåm town which is Fjord town. Here is our video from our journey!:

Wuppertal train journey

Wuppertal, Germany: The germans have always been ahead in the development of technologies, so also in transport. This railway we want to show you today is actually only a 13.3 km long tram tour, and is located in the German city of Wuppertal, near the border of France. Wuppertal hasContinue Reading