Amiga Racer Grind Girl

Amiga Racer is at the moment getting more and more updates. Also many speaks positive about the game and have given the author lot’s of positive comments, so decided to make a nice video stund with a lady that can be found in the game for the fans andContinue Reading

With more work than ever before. Michael have now put the development of this fantastic retro racer into 7th Gear! With this version you have more tracks, more cars and huge improvements in the physical gameplay. The game aims at getting a full release soon. Now you can try itContinue Reading

Take a virtual tour of Pyongyang in the world’s first North Korean online game. The people that produced this game, is Nosotek, which is an interesting company because they are the first western IT venture in North Korea. The game is absolutely free and can be played thru your browser.