When amazing sound is required, then great sound speakers is a must to have. Our review of the Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi system gives you an insight to a micro Hi-Fi system that actually delivers. Sony CMT-HX50BTR Micro Hi-Fi is one of the micro systems that is unique. It gotContinue Reading

Do you want a good camera but don’t want to carry one + your mobile phone? We have taken a closer look to the top camera mobiles right now! 1) OnePlus One It’s the cheapest high-end phone, and still amazing! We can’t wait to get our own demo copy! TheContinue Reading

There was a time when people used computers like Amiga, Atari or Mac for music making. People made MIDI-music and tracking music. People got samplers and made files with music, which could be played by players like Hippo Player for Amiga. Now, people uses stream services more and more. PeopleContinue Reading

HTC one

HTC one will have a new ultrapixel camera technology and we on Distrita are excited how the photos with HTC one really looks. Can HTC compete with Nokia’s Pureview technology? Will HTC One take better photos than the camera king for the moment, Lumia 920? Well, that is maybe tooContinue Reading

MacOSX vs MorphOS Sound quality Review

You might think that a Mac made in 2012 actually have better sound-quality than a Mac from 2004. … We tested a mainstream OS versus a lightweight OS which is hardly known outside of Amiga communuty. Let’s roll the test between MacOSX and MorphOS In this test, I have focusedContinue Reading