In the latest Rail Journal post, they are writing about the growth of new transit systems in the world. 108 new cities in total with 70 of them being in Europe. That’s really nice news but it isn’t enough. Cities in Europe seems to understand the importance of this geniusContinue Reading

Tram Line 2 in Budapest is more than it Looks

You might not know. But there is a bigger difference between a Streetcar train and a Light Rail train. They can have many similarities, but we have found 10 golden streetcar vs light rail differences that are important to know. These transit options are more than meets the eye. TheContinue Reading

Newcastle is a city in Australia which sits some 160km north of Sydney. The population of it is about 322.000 people living within the city border limits and its about time that this Australian town did something! New Light Rail Tram service with 6 stations Opened in Newcastle, Australia WithContinue Reading