In Cities Skylines you can do whatever you want. Distrita is now starting up a series of building a city together with you. You can comment and give the city your perspective or I will just develope it the way I fit. The city name is Janorti City and theContinue Reading

There are many visions of Oslo. A small capital sitting up-north in a country called Norway, which is part of Scandinavia in Europe. There are artists that have visions of Oslo town itself. Unreal Oslo is such project and this is what Distrita got from Sahak Sahakian about his project.Continue Reading

For the most, the web is full of weather sites that doesn’t do anything good regarding visually presentation. Windyty takes the world wide weather presentation to a new level. Here you can see the worlds Wind, Temperature, Pressure, Clouds, Rain and even Snow forecast. Link: Some interesting Windyty info: Windyty.comContinue Reading

Today Distrita launches a project aiming at playing Train Fever in a way where I connect all of the cities with tram lines instead of train lines that takes huge space because of the big needed central stations. The project itself is to only build tram lines between cities inContinue Reading

Pascal Papara is developing an App-store for all Amiga systems, called “Project Synergy”. The web-interface for developers was finished and Papara asks interested developers to create an account and to check out the system. From early times, the Amiga community had Aminet. The App-store system is a bit based onContinue Reading

The life of Napoleon Bonaparte come to television in the perspective of the iconic filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.   Steven Spielberg miniseries prepared based on a script written by Kubrick and he never was able to film, as Lincoln said the creator of the Canal +.   “I am currently developingContinue Reading

In years and months. The film and music industry, have tried to stop The Pirate Bay website. Now, a movie is under development. Over 200 000 Swedish Kr from Swedish government have been given to this project, which is Swedish. The making of this movie started in 2008, and theirContinue Reading