There might be more, but they all have the same faith. They were abducted by North Korea. Five of the abducted children were allowed to return in 2002, but the fate of the others remains unclear. Read the full article here: Japan VS North Korea: Japan is a fullyContinue Reading

It seems that the new email service Microsoft, has not begun its journey on the right foot. Service users, who left the beta phase last month, are receiving error messages from earlier today, as reported by AllThingsD.   “Sorry, there seems to be a problem with Outlook at thisContinue Reading

Do You enjoy gardening? You could be deriving more than pleasure from your hobby. Researchers have found evidence that “gardening is good for your health, reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and even helping you live longer,” reports London’s Independent newspaper. “After a busy, stressful day it’s a great escape toContinue Reading