Puerto Escondido is a destination that is on the exotic shores of the Mexican Pacific blessed waters and tropical climate. The beauty of its natural attractions is perhaps what wins national and foreign tourists, which is the ideal place to hide from the routine. The desire to contemplate nature becomesContinue Reading

Cozumel is a paradise for divers and sun worshipers, has been considered by experts as one of the best diving locations worldwide, because it has more than 30 reefs, as Palancar, Paraiso, Santa Rosa, El Paso del Cedral, Colombia, Maracaibo and Tormentos. The famous wall Maracaibo consists in tunnels coralContinue Reading

Tropical Berlin

If you live in a cold country, you probably go around and dream of sea and sun all the winter, and it could be expensive to find charter trips to exotic destinations like Mexico, Brazil and Thailand… But there is one option… It’s almost too good to be true!