Panda Worldwide Campaign

Here is our exclusive interview of Kylie Tse, spreading a panda scroll from Hong Kong. Kylie Tse travels around with her panda scroll promoting her artistic father and peace for all in the world. Read our interview with interesting information about her and her father in our quite unique andContinue Reading

Panda Easter

We want to say thank you to all our visitors! Have a nice easter week. Enjoy it and take care of your family and friends! Relax and have fun! One way to realax is to watch cool youtube videos. Today we want to show you some cute animal clips. HaveContinue Reading

  Chinese scientists reported that pandas may be a source of powerful  antibiotics in the future, The Daily Telegraph reported. According to researchers at Nanjing Agricultural University, pandas produce a  substance that kills bacteria and fungi. There are about 1,600 pandas in the world – making them an endangered speciesContinue Reading