MorphOS Upgrade Guide for PowerPC Mac Users Worldwide

Its not often that MorphOS or AmigaOS gets mentioned on bigger computer related sites, but on the very same day as MorphOS 3.6 got released, the news was also been published on, which is one of the biggest and most important sites about operating systems. Check their small newsContinue Reading

Hello Internet! I am a person which likes to read about all sorts of news, and that includes computing news about all sorts. I browse OSNews, Slashdot, ITavisen and sites for computing news, but I hardly see news about Amiga on these sites. They are supposed to inform youContinue Reading

Many news sites writes about that Symbian is gone. OSNews states “The end of the line for Symbian” even. Distrita however, have a support page for Nokia users. Goto our section, and get atleast the most important software, which actually makes your Symbian phone a better phone.