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In the start of Android phone era, the phone makers made quite bad Android themes and filesystems. They also tried to block people from jailbreaking their Android phones, but people were smarter and CyanogenMod was one of those modifications that required a full jailbreaking of your Android phone for workingContinue Reading

Broadway is a distribution of AROS started late 2009 for i386 PC’s. The goal has been to provide a simple and minimalist but stable introduction to what AROS has to offer and adding modern elements like AMC (media center), AmiCloud (cloud storage service) and the indieGO! Appstore (hosts commercial andContinue Reading

On 29th of March, OpenBSD 5.9 was released. This is a operating system so advanced that the instructions on what is new is as advanced to read. Here are some of the bigger features in OpenBSD 5.9 Installer improvements Improved Hardware support SMP network stack improvements Generic network stack improvementsContinue Reading

There is a new site that I found which is called which lets you play some of the best open source games ever made. Transport Tycoon Deluxe is one of them, using the OpenTTD version of the game. Authentic Transport Tycoon Deluxe! The graphics, gameplay, music and sound effectsContinue Reading

We amazed you with Google Drive Handler for AmigaOS 68k and MorphOS. Now it is AROS turn! AROS is the open source version of AmigaOS and is available for free. AROS runs on many CPU architectures like x86, PPC, ARM and even 68k. AROS have come a long way onContinue Reading

Odyssey 1.23 of the web browser is in development for AROS. Currently Krzysztof ‘Deadwood’ Śmiechowicz is porting Odyssey developed by Fabien ‘Fab’ Coeurjoly to AROS. Version 1.16 was ported over two years ago but porting the latest version did not succeed due to missing support of certain MUI4-functionality of theContinue Reading

After ~15 years of silence since latest 5.82 release from original developers, the new open source team is proud to release an updated, fixed, ported and whatever else version of dopus5 to whole amiga community. This also includes AROS. GRAB IT HERE WHILE IT HOT: