the ideal jobs

The idea of working online is promising. Because the jobs are done through the Internet, you normally don’t need to report to a regular office, but instead do all the works from the comfort of your own home. This then means you get to save on transportation expenses, meal allowances,Continue Reading

The world haven’t fallen apart. Amiga gets game releases now and then, even for hardware which is for many outdated and not useable. Well, Amiga is strong and now Exodus hits APC-TCP shop very soon. The game requires minimum Amiga with AGA and atleast 16MB of mem.

WORLD: Distrita have found a website called Private Islands Online, which sells islands in all sizes. From the smallest ones that looks like no one have been there, to very expensive ones. Now, Distrita asks. How can a company buy islands, just like that? Or does Private Islands Online, askContinue Reading